How to get some Bitcoins

The exhaustive guide on getting free Bitcoins, earning Bitcoins, and buying Bitcoins

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Once you figure out what bitcoin is and you install the program, then you'll have this urge to get a few bitcoins. You basically have four options— (1) get some free bitcoins, (2) earn some bitcoins by selling a product or service, (3) buy some bitcoins by trading a fiat currency like USD or GBP for them, or (4) get into mining bitcoins, which is not really for the faint of heart.

1. Getting free Bitcoins

This is the easiest and funnest (is that a word?) way to get bitcoins. It will also net you the fewest bitcoins, and to be more precise it will only net you a small fraction of a bitcoin. But it's still worth your trouble and you'll see a few micro bitcoins in your client after you're done.

Completely free

Some strings attached

2. Earning Bitcoins

This will probably take much more effort that the free bitcoins above, but you stand to get a lot more bitcoins rolling in. If you have any sort of product or service that you already sell, you can consider starting to accept Bitcoins. If you don't want to set up your own Bitcoin-based shopping cart or payment solution, you can always consider something like Bit Pay. I have not used that site, but it seems to be reputable and apparently makes receiving Bitcoins fairly simple.

If you don't already sell a product or service, don't dispair. Think about all the things you know how to do. Would you be able to sell any of those as a service to others? If so, test the waters and see if there would be any prospects for a sale.

If you are a programmer, there are often bounties posted on for specific functionality needed. Keep and eye out and if you find something that matches your expertise, you just may earn a nice BTC bounty.

One last thing I'll mention is that in the Bitcoin community, people like to purchase Bitcoin-related stuff. So if you want to create a Bitcoin-related product/souvenier/promotional item, people might also purchase that.